About Us

32 Years with plenty energy to reinvent, develop and break boundaries.

In order to be present in all environments related to physical activity, Athletic reaches 32 years with plenty energy to achieve the highest levels.

Making History



The human body and its incredible potential to overcome was always the biggest motivation for Athletic to develop itself throughout its history!

We are Athletic, the main Latin American producer of fitness equipment. The strength gained over 32 years of experience, is associated with the commitment to the customer and innovation, make Athletic highlighted on residential and professional use equipment.

The history is based on our industry experience, commercial and quality services to the customer, either in Brazil or in other many countries.


Founded on July 10th, 1986 in the city of Joinville, Santa Catarina (Brazil) by Jaime Romagna Grasso, the company has improved year after by year to become the reference in its field and lead its segment in many countries.

With the vision to be present in all environments related to physical activity, in the same year of its foundation, Athletic began to structure the commercial area, starting with a call center sales department and expanding over the years to door to door door-to-door sales and trade shows, establishing a closer relationship with final costumer customer. After a while, the company has decided to add a B2B, corporate, e-commerce and Market place department, and finally, started its activities at the international market.

Industrial Plant

With its head office in Joinville, Brazil, Athletic implemented over the years three factories in Manaus / Brazil (fitness equipment, motors and controllers / monitors) and a factory in Qingdao / China (fitness equipment).

It began with the production and marketing of products for residential use, and immediately thereafter expanded with equipment for hotels and condominiums, with professional lines for gyms, as well as weights and accessories.


In its complete portfolio, besides offering products under Athletic brand, the company has created their other brands: Act! and Tecnofitness. Immediately thereafter the company has also started the production of third-party brands (OEM).

The Company was built not only committed to offer a complete portfolio of products, but also in services. Always taking care of its aftersales. Athletic has a full service network and a inventory of parts to meet the demands in warranty and out of warranty.

With a solid structure, investing heavily in technology and logistics, Athletic innovated in solutions to its customers, either begginers or professionals. Our equipment quickly won the sympathy of millions of consumers around the world, becoming synonymous of usability, durability and well-being.


Regarding sustainability, the company has acted and acts as follows:

Social activities, creating a healthy work environment, social inclusion, ideas program, labor gymnastics, free gym for employees, etc.

Economic, with a production and trade of its products with a fair competitive relationship against its competitors;

Environmental, always adapted to the current law and one of the few companies in the fitness segment to promote employment and income in the heart of the Rain Forest, with its factory in Manaus, Brazil.


Today, 32 years later, our trading platform linked to technological development capacity, production and strong brands, bring new products to homes, hotels, clubs, gyms, etc, all over the world. Products distributed in our own stores and more than 10,000 sales points.

A success history that is being built every day with our suppliers, with the society, with our team of professionals and our customers that translate our values around the world.


Production and Technology

The quality standard that Athletic conquered and consolidated in the market is due technological developments in the production of fitness equipment and its components. The use of technology allows the company to offer to the market products with more highlights, more quality, competitive price and attractive design for the customer.

The technological advance, however, usually does not occur easily for any company. A lot of effort is required to be constantly updated to follow and incorporate the evolution of technology at the industrial processes. Athletic is constantly attending trade shows, either in Brazil of out of the country, also investing in partnership with machinery and materials suppliers.


Besides seeking technology where it is created, Athletic also invests in product development. We have a development team with great experience and knowledge in DC motors, monitors and controllers for treadmills and other products, and equipment such as multigyms, bikes and elliptical.

When it comes to investment, Athletic invests in staff, new processes, laboratories and new products. It is part of the company strategic plan to maintain investment in technology, to consolidate the brand as the leader in its segment.

Disposing of methods, equipment and quality services, Athletic has a wide network of partnerships with domestic suppliers (Brazil) and countries such as China, Taiwan and the United States. We prioritize the use of local materials and services, but globalization requires us to seek for better options when is required.

Besides the materials purchased from suppliers, Athletic practices a vertical production, manufacturing the main components of its products. Today, most of the components and parts are produced at home.