Athletic Home Fitness

Athletic has been at the fitness segment for more than 30 years, always following the world trends and developing products with excellence to meet the needs of all our customers who want to start a physical activity. A successful trajectory, built on values that have guided our leadership in the world and our commitment to providing high-performance products and service excellence.
Athletic and you. The perfect partnership for a perfect health. In order to live and have a future with high quality, small changes make a big difference: taking care of what you eat and and practicing cardiovascular activity or muscle strengthening for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, while respecting the target range of heartbeats, according to your age. Not forgetting the aerobic activity, important for your cardiorespiratory system and burning calories. Athletic offers the most complete line of equipment with practical and affordable solutions, able to generate the best results, suitable for different characteristics and preferences to become effective and motivating. Our sales team make all the difference, helping to choose the best equipment for your need. Only Athletic has the best option for you!


Athletic Professional Fitness

We are the Athletic, the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment of Latin America. For over 30 years athletic acts strongly in the fitness segment in the world, with one factory in Manaus (Brazil), one in Qingdao (China) and its head office in Joinville (Brazil). The trajectory of success, built with the same values que have guided our leadership in the world, present in over 30 countries. Our international experience of over 30 years, entitles us to have a wide network of distributors that reflect our values around the world. With a work committed to offer a complete portfolio of products and a wide stock of spare parts, with skilled technicians to run projects and assembly equipment. After all, to offer the solution that makes Athletic professional, the line for professionals.


Act! Home Fitness

More than manufacturing fitness equipment, our main goal has always been to bring health and wellbeing to people, and that’s why our portfolio includes the needs of every type of consumer, either beginner or professional. Our mission is to offer innovative products and services related to physical activity with the best perceived value. For this, we are Constantly investing in technology and product development to ensure the retailer selling to be not only selling fitness equipment, but solutions to the needs of its customers. In addition, our care does not end in the manufacturing of the products. We have a special attention to the customer with our service structure, assisting resellers for more efficient business operations, training the sales team, helping to display the products at the POS and with the biggest and the best Technical Assistants network distributed throughout the country. This is how we operate for 30 years at the market with a quality and reliability that make us AUTHORITIES in the segment and the best option for your store. Renew your sales and your results with act!



A brand synonymous of technology, reflecting the commitment to innovation, design and usability. Tecnofitness is a registered trademark of our company, with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing fitness equipment in more than 30 countries worldwide. In addition, we have 2 factories strategically located in Brazil (Manaus) and China (Qingdao). With the proposal to offer the best value in the market. Tecnofitness equipment are designed and manufactured with the best development labs software, prototyping and testing.
In addition to equipment with full warranty, Tecnofitness also offers to its resellers a strong sales structure, which includes a large permanent stock of spare parts, intense training to the sales and service team. Tecnofitness, a healthy and profitable alternative for everyone.